"The Kiss"

SAVE THE DATE: June 29 – July 12, 2006
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 1st, 6–8 pm.
RVS FINE ART, 20 Job’s Lane, Southampton, New York. (631) 283-8546

BERLIN'S latest solo painting exhibition entitled “SLAVES OF FASHION” debuts at RVS FINE ART in Southampton at 20 Job’s Lane from June 29 through July 12, 2006.

In the latest installment of Berlin;s mostly black and white “cocktail party” paintings, the Artist delves into the hidden world of “what people are thinking.”  The paintings were inspired by an ongoing series of personal interviews to discover the secret motivations of fashionable young friends, and strangers. Featured works include: “The Rivals,” “The Kiss,” “The Happy Couple,” “A Private Conversation,” “Snobs,” “Mr. Right,” and  “Girls Gone Wild.” RVS Fine Art celebrates it’s 27th year on Jobs Lane in Southampton with this seductive exhibition.

“Sometimes people will tell their hairdresser, or a ‘stranger on a train,’ secrets that they wouldn’t trust with their mother, lover or best friend. So much more is going on than first meets the eye...”
—Artist Kevin Berlin

Girls Gone Wild Costume Party 2 snobs The Single Girl The Emperor’s New Clothes #3 Mr. Right The Rivals The Happy Couple The Age of Innocence #2 A Private Conversation The Last Cigarette Hysterical Monna